2016 Hold’Em Tournament & Reverse Raffle Photo Gallery

Thank you everyone for a great time!

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A Special “Thank You” from Jeff Richie

Comrades, Friends and Family

Last Night was another successful double event day. The 2016 Texas Hold’Em
at Noon had 95 players.  The Mayor volunteered to be the bounty and the top
ten got paid! 1st place won 1,700$ We had a lot of support from our league
players and some new people as well.  Thanks to ALL the players because without
you, there is no fundraiser.  Special thanks to Amber who has turned into
Jeff’s Poker Girl and makes it easy to run things with everything she
does behind the scenes and on Game day!

The Reverse Raffle was a tremendous success; from all the participants who
sold it out weeks ahead of time (which makes my job so much easier) to
the following:

SANDY and her tremendous staff in the Kitchen, most people don’t know that
it’s our team cooking the prime rib in the church kitchen and the sides at
our place and then getting it all to the pavilion so we can all eat on
time. I’d love to name everybody but I fear I might forget a name,
“you know like Bob Curran,” Just know that each and everyone of you did a
great job. THANK YOU!

Pat Straley Who has my back on all the things that need to be done weeks
ahead time to help organize the controlled chaos on game day, THANK YOU
Madame President

Matt the Maintenance Man (who does it all) and listens to me when I get a
little hot under the collar.

My nephew Connor who hangs with me all day and jumps in wherever needed.

Troxell,Good to see you brother

Ken Walden The Junior Vice who came early and said “whatever you need” and
actually did whatever I needed.

Beckee, for all your Great work putting the door prizes together and then
working the Home base during the raffle

My “Vanna White Girls” Amber , Angela, Judi, Kellie

The Auxiliary for the deserts (I know it was the Ladies who baked) or

Our Great Sponsors for door prizes which already has been posted by Beckee.

Our “Game day” Sponsors, Amanda and the STARBUCKS crew for the Coffee for
both events and the help on the drawings. Matt and the BEST BUY staff for
dealing Poker and pitching all day plus their donation of door prizes and
cash, Rick Baker for the fabulous pastry for the holdem “dude I was on a
Diet.” Angelina’s PIZZA for lunch “also not good for the diet” OHIO VENDING
for sponsoring a few veterans in the holdem. The Boy Scouts for “fire”.

A special thanks to Murphy and Ginger from Wags 4 Warriors who manned the
booth and got the word out to what a great organization they are supplying
service dogs for our veterans , and thanks Murphy , Angela and the W4W gang
for CHEYENNE who has changed my life for the better.

Dawn and Laura Who since we started 12 years ago having 2 events in one day,
have been there for every one, selling tickets, ordering and supplying all
the liquid refreshments, setting up Friday night and Saturday morning and
being there from the beginning(10AM) until the last garbage goes
out(midnight) of the pavilion and the last box or keg goes back to the club,
they donate their time, vehicles, and Laura even throws her son Michael in as well, And
most of all these 2 ladies put up with all my BULLSHIT. I Love YOU and Thank

It is an Honor to work and serve with ALL of you, and I am sure I forgot
somebody, sorry if I did,

God Bless

A Grateful Jeff Richie

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